Labour Relations Services


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Suspension Pending Disciplinary Hearing

In the past employers had to have a preliminary discussion with an employee and or his /her representative if they wanted to suspend the employee pending a disciplinary hearing. A Constitutional Court Ruling has now changed this! 

Sectoral Determination - Building Industry  

In terms of Government Gazette No.396 published on 23 May 2014, the Minister of Labour has given Notice in terms of section 52 (3) of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No75 of 1997, of the commencement of an investigation into the South African building sector. You can download the notice here.


The MBA made a detailed submission to the Department of Labour on behalf of its members and will attend the Public Hearings to represent members interests.

Building Industry Bargaining Council's Role in the Industry

The Building Industry Bargaining Council's are statutory bodies established in terms of section 27 of the Labour Relations in the Building Industry.


The Councils together with the Master Builders' Association and Trade Unions, provides a forum for negotiations regarding wages and other conditions of services and is the sole bargaining forum for the Building Industry within its area of juristriction.


The BIBC has prepared a useful brochure highlighting some of the benefits. The East Cape MBA  recommends that its members register all their employees with the BIBC after 6 months of employment. Furthermore, it is recommended that workers employed, who are already registed with the BIBC, should, wherever possible, remain registered for the basic employees benefits with immediate effect. This article clearly summerizes why you should register your employees with the BIBC.