COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Team - Submission

The Construction COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Team (“CC19RRTT”) is an industry grouping that has been convened to represent the views of the major associations in the construction sector and its entire value chain covering suppliers, manufacturers, built environment professionals and contractors (main contractors and subcontractors).


Master Builders South Africa is a key role player and founding member of the Task Team and represents all our local member’s interests in this important industry initiative. The big question on everyone’s lips is “When will the construction sector go back to work?”


To this end the CC19RRTT has prepared a submission to government which was presented on Sunday morning, 19 April 2020.


Letter to Minister Public Works & Infrastructure...


Submission Document ..


The East Cape MBA will also be seeking approval as an essential service in order to be able to more fully support our essential service members as well as those involved in emergency construction projects.