Safety Competition

The Regional Safety Competition is conducted annually using the same criteria as for the MBSA Star Grading System. Contractors are invited to enter building sites which comply with the rules and regulations of the competition in the following categories:


Category C: Less than R15 Million

Category D: R15 – R40 Million

Category E: R40 – R100 Million

Category F: R100 – R250 Million

Category G: R250 – R450 Million

Category H: R450 – R750 Million

Category I: R750 Million plus

Category A: Plant and Storage Yard

Category B1: Allied Trades

Category B2: Manufacturers


Sites winning the Regional competition with over 90% are automatically entered into the National Safety Competition and judged accordingly. Winners in all regions will receive a trophy and certificate at our Annual Dinners.

We have also introduced a Sub Contractor category for the competition which is audited and judged separately and Sub Contractors also receive awards at our Annual Dinners.