COVID-19 Press Release: Construction Essential Service

Call for the Designation of Construction Sector as Essential Services 

The construction industry has potential to create employment opportunities to cushion the impact of an anticipated increase in unemployment in the immediate aftermath of the current nation-wide lockdown. This is according to a submission made by the Construction COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Team (CCRR19TT) to motivate for a phased reactivation of the construction Sector. The task team is body representing major organizations in the sector including contractors, property developers, construction professionals, suppliers, and service providers.


The submission is calling for an immediate re-activation of live construction sites that were at various stages of completion when the lockdown came into effect on the 27th of March, under strict safety requirements. This would be followed by a phased re-opening of the industry at the beginning of May.


Press Release: CC19RRTT - Construction Essential Service


John Matthews: MBSA President